Sexed up by a
slutty hipster whore
my Little self

Anonymous said: ever done anal?

No. Have you?

Anonymous said: Post more selfies plz

I will. If this gets enough likes ;-)

will24ford said: You have any topless pic

I do have topless pics yes, but not on my tumblt… ;)

goodvibes12 said: You just made my cock so hard. I fly in Long Island, NY and I am pretty wealthy. My only flaw is spending money on whores. I'd love to take you for the day and train my girlfriend to be just like you. We can fly to the Bahamas and I'd rent a hotel for the 3 of us. Let me know what you think babe.👋💦

I’d love to go to the Bahamas :p

Anonymous said: Do you have a bf?

Noooh ;)